Marketing Assistant

Monthly Marketing Service

 3 Month Commitment Marketing solutions pinned to a whiteboard

You will receive up to 10 hours per week for analysis, advisory and implementation of your marketing ideas.
Consider….If you hired someone part-time to work 20 hours/week. 
You would have to go through the interviewing process.
Then you would have to train them.
Think about how much of YOUR time (as well as the time you are paying THEM for)
is involved with those two steps alone?
Then you have to ask yourself….
What are their qualifications?  How much experience do they really have? 
How long can I count on them to stay on board?
Let’s say you pay your sales associate $10/hour.
That’s $200/week PLUS payroll taxes, workers compensation, etc. etc. etc!!!
As the saying goes…
“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional,
you should see how much it costs to hire an amateur.
Let us be your “Off-site Marketing Department”!