Planning Your Wedding Planning Career

Top 5 Things to Think About if You are Considering a Career in Wedding  Planning

Mr. & Mrs. Osborne 9/17/16 at Fiddle Lake Farm

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Landmesser Photography

  1. EXPERIENCE is KEY!  You can go to “wedding planning” school for 10 years but the most valuable lessons will be learned during the action.
  1. This is NOT a glamorous job – I am not J-Lo. I clear dishes from tables, I run (sometimes literally) around making sure everything is going 100% according to plan, I deal with drunk people, I work outside in the rain and cold, I am nice to the DJ/photographer/musician that is being a jerk and/or has no clue what they are doing, I finish people’s DIY (do it yourself) decorations that turned into TIY (try it yourself), etc., etc., etc.
  1. The key to being a successful wedding planner is building relationships of trust with your clients. Know what you know and recognize what you do not know.  You are making a reality out of someone else’s dream and vision and that is not an easy task.  They will look to you for guidance, suggestions and support when they are starting to fall apart.
  1. Be nice to everyone and never burn bridges. Suck it up buttercup – you never know when you are going to need that certain someone who made a snarky comment to you last year.
  1. Work WITH and not against your competitors. Community and collaboration is key.  Find your niche and build your business on your strengths vs. trying to copy or live up to what someone else is doing.

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