Planning a Summer Wedding? 5 Benefits of Choosing Temperature-Controlled Clear Span Tents

Planning a Summer Wedding? 5 Benefits of Choosing Temperature-Controlled Clear Span Tents

Guest Blog from Kevin Brenden –

Summer weddings are beautiful, and choosing this time of year for your ceremony allows your guests the opportunity to witness your vows in a gorgeous outdoor setting. However, the one downside of a summer wedding is that you can be certain that you will be dealing with warm temperatures as the summer hits full swing. Fortunately, you can create a picture perfect outdoor wedding event with these benefits offered by temperature-controlled clear span tents.


Encourage Your Guests to Linger
Seeing everyone you love gathered in the same place is heartwarming, and making sure that your guests are comfortable is a priority on your wedding day. With a temperature-controlled tent, you can bet that your loved ones will want to stay and make some beautiful memories. Cooling off the main gathering space also ensures that you give those with health issues a safe place to enjoy the ceremony.

Keep Food And Beverages At a Safe Temperature
That gorgeous wedding cake that you spent hours picking out will melt in the summer heat. Plus, you never want to let your catered food fall out of the safe temperature zones. A clear span tent gives you control over keeping those delectable treats hot or cold so that everyone can dig in without worrying about food-borne illnesses.


This flower arrangement was taken at a wedding of a friend and looked stunning in the large, white tent.

Dance Without Breaking a Sweat
After that lovely first dance for the bride and groom, everyone is going to want to hit the dance floor. During a summer wedding, the temperature in a tent can rise fast as everyone starts showing off their favorite moves. Use your climate-controlled tent as the main area for your reception, and you can enjoy watching your loved ones dance the night away in total comfort. Cooling off your clear span tent also makes it possible to keep the fun going on the dance floor even in a full bridal gown.

Perk Up Your Vendors
You can always expect your photographer, caterers and DJ to be professional, even if the weather is scorching. However, everyone tends to be more energetic when they are working in a climate-controlled environment. Help your vendors stay at the top of their game by making sure that your tent is cool enough to keep them in the best of moods. Your guests will pick up on their energy and enjoy the event more as well.

Look Amazing In Your Photographs
Before the wedding, a whole lot of time will be invested in making sure that the bride and groom look amazing, and there is nothing worse than looking back at your pictures and seeing melted mascara or a drooping hairstyle ruining that picture perfect look. Arrange to have your photos taken with a beautiful backdrop in your clear span tent, and you will not have to worry about squinting in the sunlight or sweating through your formal wear.

Lighted tent with clear ceiling and strung lights for celebration party event. Captured as a 14-bit Raw file. Edited in 16-bit ProPhoto RGB color space.

Setting up a clear span tent for your wedding gives your guests shelter from the wind and rain should foul weather pop up on your wedding day. Now, you can take it even one step further by choosing a temperature-controlled tent that will help you and your guests beat the summer heat. With everyone’s comfort assured, you can relax and focus on enjoying the beauty of being surrounded by your family and friends as you embark upon life as newlyweds.


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