How to Stop Wedding Planning Procrastination for Good

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How to Stop Wedding Planning Procrastination for Good

 It can strike even the most motivated of brides — here’s how to deal.

Whether you’re dragging your feet on hiring a DJ or stalling on writing your wedding vows, procrastination strikes even the most motivated of brides. Unfortunately, unlike that work presentation that you threw together last minute and absolutely nailed, delaying wedding planning can have some seriously annoying side effects.

Lisa Criscera, founder and co-owner of wedding and event planning company L.C. Solutions LLC, says that most brides “biggest mistake is they think they have more time than they actually do.” So even if you have months (or even a year!) before you get hitched, time may just sneak up on you.

The Drawbacks
One of the dangers of putting off wedding planning is having a hard time finding available and competent vendors, Criscera says. The closer you are to your date, the less likely you are to find vendors that you gel with, fit into your budget and are experienced.

Also, as anyone that has thrown together a last minute dinner party will tell you, rushing means things are bound to slip through the cracks—whether it’s forgetting to rent salad plates or giving the limo company the wrong address. “When you’re pushing everything to the last minute, you’re more likely to overlook something or forget something,” Criscera points out. After all, by waiting all you’ve done is compress the amount of time that you have to do what you need to do—the amount of tasks usually stays about the same.

What Not to Put Off
For those brides who absolutely cannot help themselves from delaying the inevitable, Criscera offers a top three list of things to secure right away: your wedding venue, your caterer and your photographer. “Your guests will remember where they were, what they ate, and they will remember that through photos,” she says. So at the bare minimum, nail down these crucial factors before tossing your to-do list in the back of your closet for the next few months.

How to Combat It
One major way to fight dragging your feet on getting things done is by divvying up the work. Whether that means getting your significant other involved (ahem—you both are the ones getting married, after all!), or hiring a wedding planner who can help keep you on track, don’t leave it all on your shoulders. “Do not try and do everything yourself,” Criscera says. She adds, “Absolutely make a schedule for yourself that’s tailored to [your wedding] specifically.” That means, not letting yourself get overwhelmed by super-detailed ones you find online, or just picking a random one that doesn’t take into account your timeline or wedding’s specific quirks.

She also recommends consulting other brides you know who have recently gotten married about their experiences with vendors and the planning process—some of their suggestions may help steer you in the right direction with less effort. Work smarter, not harder, we say!


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