Community Over Competition  –  What that Really Means to Us


Ok – Let’s face it.  Competition is a thing.  It exits.  Many people do the same things, provide the same services, make the same products.   In every industry there are millions of “somebodys” that do or make the same “somethings.”  So why do some of the largest companies, biggest celebrities and most influential people in this world tell us that competition should not be the focus?    24cebeed1b27f35e5f3461e384486ba4

Collaborate they say!  Learn from one another!  Help one another to succeed!  Pull the rope, don’t cut it!  Sure there are still millions of selfish and self-serving idiots on this planet.  They are better than you, they know more than you, you are not good enough to shine their shoes and how dare you “steal” their ideas!  In my humble little world….we ignore those people because they are just plain silly and their perception of this universe makes no sense (i.e. they are in the center of it).

Ok – so back to this whole competition thing.  Here is my take on it.  I will start by introducing one of my favorite quotes, which happens to be the new slogan from Android.  “Be together  –  not the same.”  This sums up my whole philosophy on competition, and life in general.  If we were all the same, life would be boring – but if we all could just “be together” and celebrate our differences, imagine what we would learn and what we could do!  Apparently Android has just solved the problem of how to create world peace.  If only the idiots would listen (please see above).

If we all created and delivered our products and services the exact same way, consumers would be bored to say the least!  They would not have options –we all love options.  If I had the same style as every other planner, every wedding on this earth would be exactly the same.  HOW TRAGIC!  I think I feel a little sick just thinking about it…  Furthermore, I like having some sanity and in order to keep the little that I do have, I obviously cannot have every piece of business to myself!  There is no way humanly possible that I could plan and/or coordinate EVERY wedding on the planet.  I like to have time for that thing called life.  I like to volunteer.  I like to save dogs and play with my own puppies.  I like to sleep and occasionally watch a movie.  I like to spend time with my family and friends.  THAT is why I’m thankful that there are MANY of us.  There is enough business to go around.  Ba-jillions of people get married every day and thankfully – due to this competition thing –  they have choices as to which planner, photographer, florist, caterer, etc., etc., best suits them!

CollaborativeQuoteI recently learned that in New Zealand, wedding planning and coordination is not even a “thing” yet – so if you are having trouble finding business, that might be a good place for you to look.   Just joking…but I have considered it…but OMG would I be lonely!!  I like having contact with other planners.  I learn from them.  I send them business when I am booked.  We share ideas.  We bail each other out.  We come together to plan events for good causes.  We vent to each other about the problems of the planner world.  We laugh at the hundreds of hiccups that we have had over the years.   IT’S SO AWESOME!  WHY WOULD I EVER NOT WANT THAT AS PART OF MY BUSINESS???  Pharrell said “Collaborate with people you can learn from.”   He’s pretty successful so I think I will take his advice.

So let’s wrap it up.   I don’t need to be better than you.  I only need to be better than I was yesterday.  When I compete with myself, I always win.  Case closed.

Thank you to these awesome planners that inspired me to write this…

Lindsay Bezick  –  Events by Lindsay

Ashlee Martinelli  –  Every Little Thing, LLC

Kelly Novakowski

Megan Gustafson

Nancy Harvey  –  Nancy Harvey Events & Planning

Candice Mock-  Patchwork Planning

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